women dancing in lamu

Women dancing in Lamu

The women began to sing their traditional songs and to dance, dressed in yellow or blue colors with suits made specially for this occasion, each colour symbolizing one team. The dance consisted in moving the feet very fast, with small jumps, and making face gestures and touching with their hands different parts of their own bodies, symbolizing the places where they had pains when they gave birth to their children.

women dancing in lamu
In the beginning they started jumping high, but later that changed to the other kind of dance
Here the women and some kids where in a circle waiting for 2 women to jump inside and start a challenge. The woman with the yellow container was the drum for the occasion

In the middle of the challenge

Two young women finishing their contest
The faces they made were really funny, and at some point one of the women could burst in laugh, like in this photo. She lost the duel. Now they would go out of the circle and other two women would engage in the dance.

Blue and yellow team face each other proclaiming that their own team was the winner

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