Song Kol Lake

Song Kol Lake is an alpine lake in northern Kyrgyzstan. It lies at an altitude of 3016 m, and it has a length of 29 km. It is surrounded by tall mountains but it also has valleys with pasture during summers. Nomad herders set their yurts near the lake from June to September, and it is possible to stay with them in exchange of some cash. I went there with my friend Bruno by September 21st 2013, after hinking all the way up the mountains for about 20km. It was very windy and cold, but we were lucky to made it and we had an incredible experience there with the nomads during three days.

Kyrgyz woman collecting manure to make fire inside her family’s yurt. In the cold mountains of Kyrgystan, wood is scarce and fire is needed, so the manure becomes the main source of energy. Of course, there is no electricity, tap water or cellphone signal up there.
Taking care of the cattle from the top of their horses
These yurts is where they live during the summer months

Making butter with this interesting machine
Lago Song Kol
Song Kol Lake, with the team of horses grazing on the distance
Singing “Wild horses” by The Rolling Stones. It took me around 15 minutes to approach them little by little without scaring them, until I was within two meters of some of them
the father of the family
They were doing their own bread every day, delicious!
The kid enjoying his time with his horse

The kid had no digital displays or other friends of his age, but always had time to love his father
I showed him in my tablet where Kyrgyzstan and Song Kol Lake where, and also explained to him where Spain was. I think it was the first time he saw a map of the world
The woman was making butter with the plastic machine you can see behind her, but the child interrumpted her to show her some photos of China I had on my tablet. They were amazed by this photos of distant places
He was the kid of another nomad family, how had a small solar power panel in their yurt

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