playing games

Playing games around the world

Photos of 12 groups of people playing games in different parts of the world.

The more I travel around the world, the more certain I am that we are tremendously similar regardless of country, ethnicity or religion. For example, everywhere we like to spend our free time playing games with our friends.

1. Maasai/Christians playing cards near Sekenani, Kenya

2. Christians playing cards in Guatapé, Colombia

3. Muslims playing cards in Katunguru, Uganda

4. Muslims playing cards in Mardin, Kurdistan/Turkey

5. Playing Mancala in Kinunu, Rwanda

playing games

6. Pool in Jinotega, Nicaragua

7. Pool in Kampala, Uganda

8. Chess in Bucharest, Romania

9. Chinese chess in Kunming, China

10. I don’t know this game… in Lamu, Kenya

11. Domino in Miami, USA

12. Domino in Lamu, Kenya

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