Kampala Festival
Some people were wearing carnival style masks, like this girl, who also wore the dress matching the colour of her mask. Very stylish.

Kampala City Festival, Uganda

The Kampala Festival started to be celebrated every October since 2012. The festival is described by the organizers as “the biggest street party in East-Afrika is a signature brand that draws multitudes to Kampala every October to celebrate culture, innovation, unity and social life”. With the aim of projecting “the image of the City as a happy, cultural and warm place to be while promoting positive change to its public realm”. Here, some photos and comments about what I saw there in the Kampala Festival of October 2016.

There was a parade at the beginning of the festival, and of the sponsored campaigns was “Condoms are Cool”. Really important to promote sexual safety in public too
Sponsors were the main reason why there was a parade
Taking a selfie during the parade in the Kampala Festival
Some girls dancing on top of a truck during the parade in the Kampala Festival
Kampala Festival
Some people were wearing carnival style masks, like this girl, who also wore the dress matching the colour of her mask. Very stylish.
Before she wasn’t wearing the mask, but when I approached her he decided to pose with it on her face. Generally, I never ask people to put themselves in any way or do anything special: from my point of view they are not models working for me, so I just want them to be themselves. I prefer them to decide how they want to appear in the photos and try to capture that desire in the most beautiful way possible. Only sometimes, I have to admit it, I try to make them laugh and relax when they are to shy or petrified.
In this fairground ride people were queuing to sit into one of those wooden and metal seats and spin around the heads of the rest of the people

Kampala Festival

The contrast between these two friends called my attention: while one had a carnival mask, the other one just had his Muslim hat

Many Africans are physically super strong and have perfect bodies, but do not think that they are all like this guy. They are usually like the man that looks mesmerized in the right side of the image. The girl and the muscleman stopped me on the street and asked me to take a picture of them; they started laughing, really having fun, as everybody was during the Kampala Festival that Sunday. Are you surprised by this image of Africa? It’s far from the stereotypes of poverty, starving people or eccentric tribes. They are just youngsters similar to those you can find in any European city.
Among the crowd that was surrounding him, this man was playing with three pieces of wood, one of which hid the prize at the bottom. There were in front of him two sidekicks who were pretending as if they were really playing (I placed my camera between them two). He pushed me to play, as he wanted to get my money too. As I refused, he became angry and even a bit violent because I had been taking photos of him. In that very same moment a police pick-up arrived and he took his stuff and run away.
This girl saw me with the camera and started calling my attention in very funny ways
kampala festival
This woman, like many others in East Africa, carries a “mobile banana stand” on her head. She carried it gracefully without hands, standing out among the crowd with her tall stature and the plus of the basket loaded to the brim, as if it weighed no more than a feather. When you buy a banana she lowers the basket to the ground and then she raises it up to the top of her head again. The price per banana was so ridiculous that I was embarrassed to receive the change (we speak of cents of dollar). I told her to keep it. This photo is taken just then, after I bought a couple of bananas while all the people around was staring at us.
Some kids enjoy riding a camel in the middle of the crowd
Kampala Festival
A few hours later the number of people on the streets was so large that it was almost impossible to move: all you could do was let yourself go with the human wave. That was the moment when I let them enjoy the festival and went to look for some slow travel experience
People had to eat, and some street food stalls were spread here and there
Leaving the Festival
Some kids were outside getting ready for the Kampala Festival. I was already going back to the hostel

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