Countryside in Eastern Congo

Photos from the trips from Goma to the Virunga National Park to visit the gorillas, and another trip to hike the Nyiragongo volcano. It is supposed to be a land at war, a “no-go area”, one of the most dangerous zones of Africa. Well, I am not going to deny the extremely difficult situation these people are facing, but it is also important to mention how they strive to go on with their lives, they do it in poverty, but with an loable strength.

On the left, a normal truck in DRC; on the right, a vehicle of the Rangers taking care of the National Parks in DRC and the tourists
Houses in the outskirts of Goma

Wooden bikes made to tranport stuff. All the family was helping
outskirts of congo
A group of kids sits waiting for something to do

Working in the fields; behind is probably Rumangabo town

Virunga NP ranger

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