children of rwanda

Children of Rwanda

There were dozens of children of Rwanda following us (my friend Andy, the priest of the local chuch who was performing as a guide that day, and me) along the trails between the small villages in the Lake Kivu area. It was Saturday and the children were not in school.

Since we left, a row of kids began to accumulate like an asteroid tail behind us. When some children got tired of walking (we walked for hours), they would say goodbye and go back home, but sooner or later they were replaced by other children from nearby villages. When kids saw us from the distance, from their houses in the middle of the fields, they began to run towards the path where we were walking, as if they had seen Santa Claus. At some point we had some 30 kids following us. Curiously, they all wore the same model of flip-flops or, otherwise, went barefoot.

This is not Kinunu. Indeed, I don’t know what Kinunu is, whether the main village in the area or the area itself. Anyway, all around there looks like this
Everywhere we walked to, a dozen of children came out of nowhere and joined us in our walk
Most of them were saying “good morning”, no matter if it was morning, afternoon or even dark night…
Some kids were asking something like “amaga chupa”, which we didn’t know what meant. A day after we were able to ask the priest of the area and he said it was “give me a bottle”. Kids value empty bottles because they can be used to carry or store water (they don’t have running water in their houses)
children of rwanda
It was difficult to believe how much fan had children with us…
At some point we had 30 kids following us

My friend Andy was there, and the kids surrounded him as he was using his phone to take a photo of Lake Kivu
When I took out my tablet, all the kids came to see what I was going to do…
This kid was playing with a stick to make the wheel walk. It was common to see them doing it
Girl carrying a turkey somewhere else
Andy jumping with a bunch of children of Rwanda
Kid playing with a hand-made car
When he saw us, this kid started doing this acrobatics to call our attention and then ask us for money… he got some cookies instead

The girl on the left was following us from far away: probably she was too shy. She did it for a long while
Andy and I with some kids

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