Cerro Chato Volcano, Costa Rica

Images of my visit to Cerro Chato Volcano, in Costa Rica. Up there, the crater has a lake of really cold water where people can swim, if they dare to do so. The view of the volcano crater was amazing, and when we arrived everything was covered by fog. Only after some minutes we were able to see the other side of the shore.

Difficult way up the Cerro Chato volcano

I went there with some friends I met along the trip
In the beginning it was really foggy
but after some half an hour we got to see the other side of the Cerro Chato volcano
I rescued this insect from sure death. I was taking a dip in the lake formed on the crater of Cerro Chato volcano, very cold water at 1140 meters above sea level, when I saw this insect in the surface struggling not to drown. I picked up a leaf and carefully took the insect out of the water with it. Then, this luminescent green kind of bee grabbed the leaf with mouth and legs and stood shaking its wings for a while. It was also posing for my photos during at least 15-20 minutes. I do not know whether it did recover and fly again or not, to tell you the truth. You can still see some water drops on its back
recovering energies with a huge carrot

cerro chato volcano
Some Spanish girls running out of the freezing water

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