Barazani, a sample of real Tanzania

Restaurants in villages like Barazani, far away from big cities, are not more than a small room where everything is. The kitchen is just 2 or 3 “pots” with charcoal on fire, and over them some other pots with rice, meat with sauce (chicken or beef), beans and that’s all. This woman had spaguetti too! And she made a deliciuos tomato sauce with onions. The price, 1$. In this picture, she was having lunch: “ugali” (maize flour porridge). The way to eat is picking it with the hand and making a ball with it. Captured in the process.


you bet it was hot
Carlos helped me to translate how I wanted my spaguetti to be done!

“Workin’ in the fields ‘til you get your back burned, workin’ ‘neath the wheels ‘til you get your facts learned…” They work hard, here in Africa, very hard. They are phisically on a superior level.


This kids was playing near the family’s shop. As I took a few pictures of some guys around, I was asked to take a picture of the kid. Most children in this area are very happy to be photographed, and they enjoy amanzingly to see their faces on the camera screen.

Michael had been selling oil in the shop behind him for many years. Unfortunately, a new oil station opened just a few metres away, so now he just sells corn kernels… He had a perfect English, which is something to note in a village where almost nobody spoke more than 2 words of it. The good old Michael… Always in my heart

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