Juan Alberto Casado

Máster en Cultura de Paz y Licenciado en Comunicación. Escritor de espíritu crítico, amante del movimiento, viajero por el ánimo de aprender y salir de las tinieblas del desconocimiento. He viajado por 55 países, viviendo dos años en China.

The perfect camera for traveling

What is the perfect camera for traveling? A smartphone, a Go-Pro, a compact camera, a bridge camera, or a DSLR? If DSLR, should it be an amateur, advanced or professional level camera? Although there is not a single one and universal “perfect camera for traveling”, you might find the perfect …

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FAQs 1 Travelling costs a fortune, how do you do it? 2 How much money do you spend travelling? 3 When did you start travelling and how many countries have you visited? 4 Why are you calling your project “The Road Provides”? 5 What is your project about? 6 Where are …

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10 Professions of the past

making bricks

In this article I am going to show 10 pictures of different people performing a series of “professions of the past”. With these photos I shows how people struggle to make a living in East Africa. Pictures were all taken between September and December of 2016 in 7 different countries. …

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Living in the mountains around Kilembe

mountains around kilembe

This is about the people living in the mountains around Kilembe village, in Uganda. It is in the Rwenzori mountains, which make the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of the Congo. This mountains reach heights up to 5,109 metres (16,762 ft). The highest Rwenzori peaks are permanently snow-capped.

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Women dancing in Lamu

women dancing in lamu

The women began to sing their traditional songs and to dance, dressed in yellow or blue colors with suits made specially for this occasion, each colour symbolizing one team. The dance consisted in moving the feet very fast, with small jumps, and making face gestures and touching with their hands …

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Video: People of Lamu, Kenya

A wonderful group of people, a camera, and a bit of music. All the necessary to make a video where to show the face of those who need to be heard. They are the people at the NGO @afrikable_ongd, in Lamu, Kenya, where these women (and some men) found a …

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Cerro Chato Volcano, Costa Rica

Images of my visit to Cerro Chato Volcano, in Costa Rica. Up there, the crater has a lake of really cold water where people can swim, if they dare to do so. The view of the volcano crater was amazing, and when we arrived everything was covered by fog. Only …

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Garbage City, a slum in Cairo

manshiyat naser

I visited the “Garbage City”, a slum in Manshiyat Naser, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Cairo. Along its streets, men sit in groups to smoke shisha and drink tea. There are both Muslims and Coptic Christians among them, all mixed without problem and coexisting with joy, despite the recent terrorist …

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Barazani, a sample of real Tanzania


Restaurants in villages like Barazani, far away from big cities, are not more than a small room where everything is. The kitchen is just 2 or 3 “pots” with charcoal on fire, and over them some other pots with rice, meat with sauce (chicken or beef), beans and that’s all. This …

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Jenaro, a simple man in Panama

Jenaro is a simple man, a farmer living near Boquete, a small colonial town in Panama. To begin with, a funny story he told me: one day, when he was 9 or 10 years old, he was taking care of cows and one urinated on his cigarettes. He let the …

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